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2 bolt fuselage for unifoil hydrofoils

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The Unifoil fuselage for all current Unifoil hydrofoils. (Vyper, Hyper2, Progression)


The two bolt fuse comes in 3 different lengths:

Short 27cm – This fuse gives a responsiveness to the foil when you need it the most. Use this fuselage to liven up a front wing and tail combo that can feel sticky or tracky otherwise. For example I like to use this fuse with the Progression 200 and 14.5″ Progression tail with the DW SUP boards. This makes the foil respond like a much smaller foil. It becomes much more agile. However, as you move up in the speed range, stability becomes more important, and lengthening the fuse can help a ton.

Medium 33cm – This fuse is the go to length for most all of our riders in standard conditions. Best to start here if you’re wondering what to use. From behind the boat, to SUP Downwind, wing or prone. This is the go-to fuse length for most of the foils

Long 39cm – When you increase speed, you need to increase the fuse length to bring back the stability in pitch that is so important. This fuse is helpful for wing foil racing, towing  big waves, and really anytime you’re using one of the smaller wings in the Unifoil lineup. If you’re using a small wing, it’s because you have some speed. If you want the foils to feel smoother, this fuse does the trick. I like to use it with my Progression 125 in bigger waves.

Bolts sold separately

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