Takuma Kujira II wing set



Takuma Kujira II Wing Set. Improved by nature. Sizes: 650/32; 800/34; 950/36; 1100/38; 1250/40; 1400/42. The full range of wing sizes has been specifically

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Improved by nature

The Kujira II wing set is designed to take you farther than the Kujira line has ever taken you before. Now faster and stronger than ever, these foils are a huge upgrade to the original lineup. Riders have been surfing and connecting waves for over an hour on the 1250, surfing overhead waves on the 800, and using the 1100 as their daily driver. The Foil Shop allows you to try these wings with our demo program. If you want to give the Kujira II wing set a try, let us know and we will make sure you’re taken care of.






•Unleash your full potential

Allow riders of all levels to progress further and push the limit.



•Pure glide experience

Precise design with minimal drag for an enhanced glide with effortless pumping and low stall speed. Keeps you in full control and allows to fly at low speeds.



•Carve with confidence

The tubercles on the edge of the front wing in combination with our new fuselage and selection of stabilizers allows for smooth rail to rail riding as well as tight turns and control at high speeds.



•Fast acceleration

Ease of generating speed with a moderate front foot pressure for maximum acceleration.



•Comfortable ride

The winglets reduces and redirects the angle of the vortex for less vibrations and more stability for a smooth and predictable ride.



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650/32, 800/34, 950/36, 1100/38, 1250/40, 1400/42


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