Progression 140 Full Kit



Unifoil Progression 170 Full Kit comes with the following:

– Progression 170 front wing
– 75cm Katana mast
– Medium Fuse
– 14″ tail Pack
– Tool Kit
– Padded Carry Bag

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Progression 140 Full Kit by Unifoil

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The Unifoil Progression 140 Full Kit.  This foil was designed to be an upgraded blend between the Takuma 1095 and the Cabrinha h1000. Both wings had very unique characteristics that made them exceptional options in smaller surf. But they knocked it out of the park! The progression 170 has more glide than either of these wings. Better low end and better turning. It’s incredible how well rounded this foil is. It’s suited for larger or newer riders, and smaller surf. So, if you want a hydrofoil that is going to allow you to set a new record for how long you can stay on foil, this is it. Everyone who has tried it comments on how well it performs for its size and how well it pumps.

The 140 is able to carry the rider so far for each pump that it feels like it almost pumps better than the 170. For riders under 200lbs, I’ve heard people say it pumps better. People have been able to connect more waves than they were able to on the 170. Perhaps this is due to the increased speed. The lift for its size is great as well. That allows wing foilers to use this foil in lighter winds than they usually would be able to. We’ve even seen people sizing down the progression foils for SUP downwind foiling. These foils are running smaller than you normally would, but still carry the versatility to use a much larger foil if you choose. You really can’t go wrong with the progression range.

Combine this foil with a stiffer mast for better performance. To achieve this, Uni has paired it with three different mast options. Those options are the Progression mast, Katana mast, or aluminum mast.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding mast flex or stiffness. We can help you get the most out of your foil and its performance. Check out the Progression mast page to learn about why that mast has been developed especially to be paired with all the progression foils.

For tails,  the Unifoil Progression 140 front wing pairs nicely with both the 14.5 progression tail or the 13.5 Progression tail. The progression 140 works the best with the 14.5″ tails for better pumping, or the 13.5″ tail for better speed and turning. The Foil Shop also offers other tail options that will help you get the most out of your setup. We still have 3 packs of tails that work extremely well with this setup

Unifoil Progression project picture of Erik Antonson riding below a picture of the progression 140 full kit

Additional information

Mast Size

75cm, 83cm, 95cm, Aluminum 75cm


13" carbon 3 pack, 14" carbon 3 pack, 13.5" Progression, 14.5" Progression


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