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The Progression 140 Front wing is one of the best wings for surf foiling. This foil allows you to turn harder and pump farther than any other wing on the market of its size.

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The Unifoil Progression 140 front wing – ships as soon as UNI sends them (probably early April)


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The Unifoil Progression 140 front wing.  This is the little brother to the Progression 170 front wing. It was designed to be an upgraded blend between the Takuma 1095 and the Cabrinha h1000. Both wings had very unique characteristics that made them exceptional options in smaller surf. But they knocked it out of the park! The progression 140 is smaller than either of the wings compared. However, this wing almost out pumps both of them. In our testing, the pump and glide was matched or exceeded with the Progression 140. We were able to link the same amount of waves as foils of a much bigger size. Get your turns to be more radical. Link more waves when prone foiling. Go faster when Downwind foiling. Use a smaller foil than you’re used to for your SUP foil adventures. Wing faster and with more ease than ever before.

The Progression 140 is truly an amazing foil that allows you to progress. However, if you are looking for a larger model, look at the progression 170.  No matter which foil you choose, if you’re on a new progression model, you’re going to see massive improvements over what you’ve been riding.

Combine this foil with a stiffer mast for better performance. To achieve this, Uni has paired it with the Katana mast in their kit, but make sure you get the response you need. Let us know if you have any questions regarding mast flex or stiffness. We can help you get the most out of your foil and its performance.

For tails, Unifoil pairs the Unifoil Progression 140 front wing with their G-10 tail packs. The progression 140 works the best with the 13″ tail pack for better speed and turning, or the 14″ tails for better pumping. The Foil Shop also offers other tail options that will help you get the most out of your setup.



Unifoil Progression project picture of Erik Antonson riding below a picture of the progression 140 full kit

product description from UniFoil…

IGNITE YOUR PROGRESSION with the Progression 140 front wing.

Meet your new daily-driver. It won’t just ignite your progression: it’ll put a match under it and blow it sky high.

High aspect performance for high-level pros and average joes.

The Progression is the first high-aspect hydrofoil that works equally well for all levels of foiler, from beginner to advanced and pro.

This foil is a true unicorn that has a super low stall speed with the increased glide and pumpability of a true high aspect, while still turning like a mid aspect surf wing.

Erik’s Progression Tuning Guide

“I recommend you pair the 140 or 170 wing with our super-stiff Katana mast and G10 tail pack for the best performance.

“I mostly use the medium fuse, shiv tail 13 and 14 inch, 0 shim for glide and pump days or 0.5 shim for tow or bigger wave days. I’ll use the short fuse for when I want even tighter radius turns, and the long fuse for DW runs.

“The Progression excels in all types of waves and works equally well for prone, winging or downwind runs. Each size in the range was built from the ground up, not scaled.” – Erik Antonson


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