Progression 13.5 inch tail by Unifoil



Upgrade your foil with the new Unifoil Progression 13.5 inch tail. It’s faster, turns better and pumps more effortlessly.



The Progression 13.5 inch tail is a tuned up version of the shiv tail from their combo 3packs. Designed by Clifford Coetzer, the progression tail is supposed to unlock turning, lower stall speed and give extra pump. At the same time, the progression tail is supposed to be faster and more efficient through the water.


Grab a Unifoil Progression 13.5 inch tail for increased speed and turning.

Grab a Unifoil Progression 14.5 inch tail for increased pump and stability.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 24 in


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