NSP Surf Foil Pro Board



  • The Surf Foil Pro is our dedicated surf foil board. They paddle fast, getting you into waves faster and on your foil with ease!
  • Evolved from the last generation of foil boards that often featured flat-bottom hulls, these advanced shapes feature concave and pronounced center stringers that create a totally new experience for intermediate-to-expert foilers.
  • With the Surf Foil Pro, riders can hit the water hard, lose minimal speed or momentum, and recovery is smooth after an accidental touchdown.
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• The volume distribution is concentrated around the chest area to give surfers a perfect platform for paddling into waves.
• Completely new rocker with a unique front stringer line optimizes paddling speed from every paddle stroke, getting you on the wave and on the foil faster than ever before.
• The low stringer and double nose concave help directional efficiency, which makes sure that every paddle is converted into a forward movement that gets you into waves faster.
• Forward bottom shape and chinned rails avoid any sticking or catching when they touch down, instantly rebounding the board back into flying mode.
• A refined nose volume minimizes the swing weight of the board in the air, allowing foilers to snap fast turns with confidence and balance.
• Thermoformed EVA tail pad with arch bar, side kick and pronounced tail kick, and side wedges.
• Twin track foil tuning guide.

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4'8" x 20" x 3 ³/¹⁶" x 37.6L, 5'2" x 21" x 3 ¹/¹⁶" x 42.0 L, 5'6" x 22" x 3 ¹/¹⁶" x 47L


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