Lift Long Tail Adapter



Need a spare tail adapter? Get Lift’s simple and direct connection of the tail wing with our long tail adapter.

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This adapter allows Lift Hydrofoil owners to run a tail made by other companies with standard 30 mm hole spacing or less standard 35mm hole spacing.

Fitment: Unifoil, Signature, Takuma, F-One with no mods.

Go Foil order the shim from our website.

Naish and MFC mods may be required.

Now works with Axis (requires shim).

Armstrong (Requires modification and shim. Either drill through the fuselage adapter and using a long screw or drill the tail).

Most tails will have 3 Tail positions for 3 fuselage lengths (31.8”, 30.6”, and 29.4” When paired with Lift 150 Surf V2)

Armstrong and Axis will have 2 tail positions.

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