Lift Flow 21 Tail



Lift has fallen in love with the efficiency of smaller tail wings

With that in mind, we wanted to get a larger audience to experience the efficiency of a small back wing while maintaining the stability they’re used to having with a larger back wing.

We achieved this by increasing the fuselage length and reducing the back wing surface area. The Flow Series back wings are designed to be ridden smaller than your typical Surf/Glide/Carve Series back wings


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Experience the perfect fusion of efficiency and stability with the 21 Flow Back Wing — designed for advanced riders seeking the advantages of an ultra-small tail wing without sacrificing pitch stability. The small surface area provides unlimited glide, and the longer fuselage gives a steady sense of control while cruising through any maneuver.

Lift 21 Flow tail
The Flow series is designed to combine stability and control with speed and flow
Lift 21 Flow tail
An advanced tail aimed at giving you control and speed


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