Lift 180 HA – X Front Wing



An excellent blend of low-speed lift, efficiency, and maneuverability. The 180 HA – X could serve as a one wing quiver for many riders, with it’s lowered stall speed, excellent glide, top end limits, and surfability. One foil to get you in the surf, pumping on flat water, or cruising on a DW run.

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The 180 HA-X front wing draws its inspiration from the DNA of the 150 HA-X, but in an easier to ride, higher-lift form. Meticulous adjustments to the camber, wingspan, and aspect ratio have created a wing that boasts not only limitless glide and exceptional pumping capabilities, but also embodies the inherent surfy sensation that defines Lift’s unique ride quality.

Lift 180 HA - X
Surf, Pump, DW, all in one wing


Lift 180 HA - X
Surf, Pump, DW, all in one wing


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