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The Evolution Surf stood out as the clear winner in our shop test. It’s the stiffest mast we’ve ridden. The wind mast has all the stiffness of the surf mast and holds up to any speed you can throw at it with its very unique design. Perfect for wingers looking to set new records and push themselves to the next level.

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It’s finally here! The Evolution CEDRUS Surf mast is ready for preorder.


If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen this beauty online yet, it’s the one mast to rule them all. This is the stiffest mast we’ve ridden. No surprise coming from evil genius Kyle Lobisser. The original Project CEDRUS mast was a standout out for us here at The Foil Shop, and its aluminum version is still going strong.  Kyle managed to make the Evolution mast STIFFER, while making it thinner, and reducing overall surface area (wetted area).

The odd shape of this mast was done for a specific reason: Ventilation. Mainly for wingers, but also felt by tow foilers, at high speeds masts tend to ventilate, causing the mast to slip and twist, resulting in crashes. This design eliminates any threat of ventilating no matter how fast you push this thing.

As always, the EVOLUTION CEDRUS mast is adaptable to just about EVERY foil brand on the market. Each mast uses an adapter to mount to your favorite foil brands. This means you can purchase one mast and use it on ALL of your foils. So if you like one brand for regular surf, and one for tow, and one for DW and one for winging, you no longer need 4 separate masts! This also makes it way cheaper when you want to purchase a new setup, you don’t have to buy another mast.

We are currently stocking 2 sizes: 85cm and 87.5cm (Mast ONLY length)

**Please note, TOTAL length is typically around 5cm LONGER than the mast ONLY length when you add in the adapter and plate. Meaning, the lengths end up being +/-  90cm and 95cm

If you are comparing to a brand mast, please measure that mast from the ground to the top of the mast head to ensure you are getting the full length. Most brands label their masts with a length, but that number is usually not true to the ACTUAL length of the mast from the ground to the top of the mast head.

Please select your adapter as well.


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Mast Size

85cm, 87.5


Lift, AFS, Armstrong Fuselage, AXIS, Cloud IX, Code, F-one, Mikes Lab, SAB, Takuma M8, Unifoil


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