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The Code Foils 850 S full kit comes with a 75cm mast. A small, medium or large fuselage. And the 150 AR tail.

Each piece of the kit is carbon. It comes nicely packed in covers that fasten with Velcro. M6 hardware is used everywhere except the mast plate to board connection which uses M8 hardware.

The Riding Experience

Riding the Code 850 is surprising, and the way it grabs every ounce of energy in the water is remarkable. The lift during takeoff feels natural. This is why every rider we have put on it is able to go hard right out of the gate. There’s no extra learning curve with this foil. It likes to go FAST! So you can link waves and enjoy having the speed and glide you need when kicking out to save energy and keep linking waves as long as you want. Getting the tips out of the water during a turn is also not a problem. Code has designed the tips to smoothly come out and still hold through the turn. We love our Code Foils 850 here at the Foil Shop.


From the owner:

I’ve been riding the code foils for a while now, and I can’t believe how nice the foil feels under my feet. It feels like the foil is pushing me to perform at a new level. I think riders that favor Lift foils HA series foils will like this one a lot. I also like the fact that it has so many interchangeable parts. The fuses and tails can all be swapped out. I especially appreciate the tails using standard 30mm bolt spacing, so I could test it with other tails that I like. I don’t see a downside to this kit. These guys have “cracked the code!” lol

How can I be sure?

Want to schedule a demo? Make sure this is the foil for you by trying it first. Our “Try before you buy” program allows you to ride different foils and compare them to make sure you’re making the right decision. Nobody should have to take a gamble on equipment this nice. Because of this, we have set up this program to get you dialed in and fitted to the foil that suits your needs the best.

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Mast Size

75cm, 85cm


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