Code 960R Series Front Wing





Code 960R Series Front Wing

Tailored for a broad spectrum of hydrofoilers, the 960R foils promises nuanced control and a superior foiling experience. It will be a compelling addition to your product offerings, aligning perfectly with the needs of both novice and experienced riders.


  •  960 cm² surface
  • 13 aspect ratio
  • 1115 mm span

From the Dealer:

We’re thrilled to introduce the 1075R and 960R foils, the latest additions to our lineup. These models build on the success of our 860 and 770 R Series Front Wings, offering enhanced performance for lighter wind conditions and serving as a gateway for those learning downwind foiling and linking bumps.

Quiver Essential
These foils are an incredible addition to any foiler’s quiver, set to be very well received by learners for their user-friendly nature. For the experienced rider, these bigger foils enable foiling in almost windless conditions, leveraging even minimal ocean energy for remarkable rides.

High Modulus Carbon Construction
Like all of our R Series Front Wings, these are built from high modulus carbon. These foils offer exceptional stiffness and control, ideal for a foil with a 13.0 aspect ratio, ensuring fantastic handling.

Exceptional Glide
Once up on foil, they offer exceptional glide, facilitating seamless transitions between different power sources in downwind conditions.

Optimized for Glide and Speed
Specifically designed to prioritize glide and maintain speed with minimal effort, these foils provide a smoother ride, making them particularly advantageous for dock starting, pumping, or flat water SUP foiling.

Versatility for All
Ideal for beginners eager to master pumping techniques and seasoned riders aiming to excel in light and gutless conditions, these foils offer reduced drag for easier speed attainment. They serve as a perfect gateway into the exhilarating world of downwind foiling, enhancing the experience across a spectrum of conditions.

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