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The AFS Silk tail pairs perfectly with the Silk front wings. Smooth feeling tail that is stable enough to give you confidence, and surfy enough to allow you to use that confidence to lean in to tight arcs with speed and flow.

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The AFS Silk tail comes in three sizes: 132 / 142 / 152

It’s an insanely stiff tail (like the rest of the AFS kit) and is designed for pure surf! The slight sweep in the wing allows for tighter arcs in the turns. The thin shape still keeps it moving quickly. and the Tubercle design adds in the smooth feeling from the front wing.

We recommend the 142 for most riders. If you’re looking for the loosest and most progressive feeling, and don’t mind sacrificing some glide and pump, the 132 would be a great fit.

If you are looking to extend your flights, and don’t mind toning down the turns, or for larger riders wanting the extra help staying up on foil, go with the 152.

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132 tail

AFS Tail size

132, 142, 152


142 tail


152 tail


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