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The AFS Silk offers top level performance, insane glide, and the stiffest overall kit we’ve felt, all at a very affordable price. The Silk is the BEST surfing foil we’ve ridden, yet it still glides and pumps easy enough that its fun for DW and can handle enough speed to be a standout for winging as well.

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AFS Silk 850 and 1050
AFS Silk 850 and 1050
AFS Silk
AFS Silk
AFS Silk complete kit
AFS Silk complete kit

The AFS Silk Full Kit has quickly become the shops favorite foil for ripping in the waves.




With its shorter span than most other current foils on the market, it can turn much tighter in a pocket, allowing you to put the Silk wherever you want it on a wave.

Despite its lower AR, it still has insane glide and pumps very efficiently. There isn’t that feeling of grit, or what I’ve best heard descried as “gremlin hands” grinding on the foil as you increase speed or push hard in turns. It flows effortlessly through the water and even at 200lbs, our rider is able to link multiple waves and have tons of fun without gassing out.


The 850 will be the go to for riders in the 160-185lb range.

The 1050 would be the suggested wing for 180+lb riders.


Dont feel like if you go big on the 1050 to save some energy pumping you won’t be able to surf as hard. We found that even the 1050 whipped tight turns and still had great speed, just a little softer feel. Where the 850 was more direct and tuned for high performance shredding.

The smallest Silk, the 650, will be a standout in big waves for towing, or wingers looking to really push the limits with some juice in the water.

The Silk package comes with what we feel is the BEST production carbon mast on the market. The AFS UHM mast is around 13mm thin at its thinnest part, making it insanely fast through the water. Despite its small size and light weight, the UHM mast is insanely stiff, holding strong even against the largest AFS wings like the PURE 1100. We weren’t able to feel really any bobble or twist when pushing the UHM mast around in the surf.

Additional information

Front Wing

650, 850, 1050

Mast Size

UHM 75, UHM 80, UHM 85


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