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The Pure range of tails lets your shift your focus from speed and glide to flow and carve with a simple swap. The HA tails are insanely fast and provide extended glide between pumps. The standard tails give a flower feel and allow tighter arcs the pocket with a slightly lowered stall speed.

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The Pure range of tails comes in two options with 2 sizes of each:

145 / 150


135HA / 165HA

The 145 and 150 allow for a surfier feeling, with a little less speed on the top end, while adding a touch of lift on the low end

The 135HA and 165HA are extremely thin and efficient tails, designed to take your AFS kit to the next level in speed and glide.

We’ve been loving the 165HA as a starting point with the AFS kits. Its got a lot of span, allowing for a stable feel, but with it’s small surface area, it still rips turns. With the tails being solid carbon, you can cut them down as you want to get more critical with your turns and dial in your kit, bit by bit.

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145 Pure

145 Pure

Pure Tail Size

135HA, 145, 150, 165HA

150 Pure

150 Pure

135 HA Pure

135 HA Pure

165 HA Pure

165 HA Pure


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