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The AFS Pure foil kit has blown us away. Both the 800 and 1100 are incredibly fast for their sizes, have excellent stall speeds given their top end performance, glide with ease, and still can hold it down in the surf as well as any HA foil.

Paired with the UHM mast (we like the 80cm) you’ll feel rock solid even when riding the large span of the 1100.

Enjoy the speed and glide with the HA 165 tail for a complete kit that will have you flying faster than ever.

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The new AFS Pure foils are in, and they have really caught our attention.

We’ve primarily been riding the HA pure wings, as the non-HA versions have a lot of crossover with the SILK foil, which we feel outperforms the non-HA pure in all areas.

We’ve been loving the 1100 for DW. It’s ultra high modulus carbon build keeps it extremely rigid even in the most turbulent areas, and allows for a surfy feeling even in a wing with such a high span.

The 800 has been a fun wing for DW when the wind is cooking, for winging in average to good conditions, and for surf with a little less steepness to the face.

Both the 800 and 1100 are extremely fast. And both were very easy to pump, as you would expect out of the shape. But what you wouldn’t expect is for them to be as fun as they are in the waves. The tip design allows these foils to breach very smoothly, and won’t have you falling with every turn when the tip pops out.

We have been pairing both the 1100 and 800 with the HA 165 tail for the speed and efficiency.

And the UHM mast from AFS keeps you feeling locked in through all your turns and pump runs. Despite it being nearly 13mm thick (which is insanely thin) this mast won’t have you feeling like your wobbling all over.

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Front Wing

1100, 800

Mast Size

75cm, 80cm, 85cm




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