Wing Foil Lessons

Wing Foil Lessons

This three-hour wing foil lesson session is broken down into two parts: on land and in the water. A portion of this lesson is on dry land to get the feel of winging, so make sure you have good shoes (skate shoes preferred) and dry clothes. Wing foiling is challenging, but so rewarding once you get the basics down!


  • $250 per person 

What is included in a Wing Foil lesson?


We provide all the equipment you will need to have a successful lesson. 

  • Foil board 
  • Complete foil set up (mast, fuselage, wing, tail) 
  • Leash 
  • Footstraps (optional)
  • Wing 
  • Air pump 

Safety Review

Wing foil lessons begin with 45 minute of dry land training which include:

  • Safety training
  • Learning how to fly the wing and understanding wind conditions
  • Review of wing foil equipment 
  • Helpful techniques 


An experienced instructor will help you get the most out of your time wing foiling

  • Our instructors will teach you how to fly the wing on dry land before going out into the ocean. 
  • Then the instructors will paddle out with you into the open water and guide you into getting up on the board and start winging. 
  • Wing foiling is one of the more difficult sports to learn, but our instructors will teach you how to be comfortable and confident winging out in the water. 

Whatever your skill level, you are guaranteed to have a great time in the water! 

Additional Information

Meet Us for Lessons at
The Foil Shop
1700 Pacific Coast Hwy, Seal Beach, CA 90740

General Information

No experience needed

Must be ages 12 and up for all lessons 

Please refer to our FAQ page for additional information!